Friday, August 28, 2009

Golti goin to delhi

my friend Mr ram is going to Delhi tomorrow... he s carrying H1N1 swine flu.
so pls be aware who ever in Delhi. pls don't allow this guy inside your city.

Ram orkut profile

Tis is about me in his profile :

"simple in my own way....I like 2 help others...daring at times....wil njoy others happiness..." can't bare dis story.....right?? just scrap me n u'll know about me....

his likings for movies

bommarillu,mounam pesiyathae,thambiku entha ooru,v.MBBS,CARS,rang de basanti,nayagan,badsha,,lord of d rings,departed,7g,anbesivam,indian n all chiyan movies n lastly ch-28........n more comedy movies.....

NOTE : highly dangerous guy... delhi people pls take care of ur bat and balls.

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