Friday, December 26, 2008


A Perfect weekend place to visit,which is not far away from

the city and to have a loads of fun ,this is a right one.To reach this

beach ,take a drive to ECR ,pass the toll gate located and take a left

when you see the sign board for taj Fisherman's cove.You can spend a

entire day here with your family and kids,playing in the sand.This is

one of the few beaches located in the city ,where you can take your

vehicle into the sands till a certain distance.

This beach is hardly crowded and is free from

pollution.since the water here is shallow ,it's ideal for fishing and

swimming.there are also several small salt water pools between

rocks,which provide a baby pool.This beach is well know for it's scenic

beauty and nice peaceful atmoshere.there are caution boards and sign board to

indicate the danger points . i had a great time ,with my family spending a day over

there.i had a chance to catch crabs and play with of the unique thing

about this beach is ,it is litter free and is not very crowded.i suggest to take a

some drinking water and food to make a memorable weekend

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Medical assistant

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This medical assistant schools provide formal training online with nationally accredited and certified Medical Assistant program. Their program will allow you to study online at your own pace and convenience. The main advantages are flexible program schedule and no traditional classrooms at strict timings and more important thing one can save time, money and resources.So what are you waiting for join this medical assistant program and fulfill your dreams.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni not only has craze on bikes and cricket but also has fascination for shooting.This one came to know when he tried his hand at shooting in Indore,during his 5 odi matches with England.Dhoni,who has the habit of watching movies with his friends was not allowed to watch a bollywood film Dostana,due to the security reasons.he then tried his hand at weapons like AK-47 and insas rifle .he tied it at the Border Security Forces's neat the team hotel at ujjain road where they had stayed.he was able to master the skill's with in a short period and was applauded by the personnel's.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


what does it mean? wait a second, connected with earth.i read an article in a paper stating that, the world time keepers are adding an extra second t o their atomic clocks to keep intact with the earth's slightly slowing an extra second will be addend on to december 31 after 6.59 pm and before 7pm eastern standard time.

That extra second will make 2008-already long with an extra day on february 29 the longest year since 1992.Most cellular mobiles and computer operating system check with the world's atomic clocks and update their time to add the leap second automatically .


A few days back it was a reunion of a our uncle built his dream house which he longed for.Before going to his house warming function, my brother told that there is a dog which is 4 foot in height and weight's about 70-90 Kgs.his name was nike(gredan).i thought of a tiger and compared with the dog.i couldn't even imagine his size.i then went to sleep with the thought running in my mind.

Next morning came,the moment i woke up ,the first thing to come in my mind was nike...then i started my proceedings and when i was about to reach his street,where my uncle built his house,i saw a big creature walking on the road.when i got the sight of the dog ,i was amazed but at the same time i was feared to go near it,as i have a phobia of dogs.all my brothers and cousins started touching it and taking pics with that ....then i over come fear and touched the dog, and this was the first time i have touched a dog..the moment i touched, it became my friend and i started playing with.this was supposed to my unforgettable moment in my life.then i returned back to my home and said about this dog to all my friends..

Atlast it was the dog which grabbed the attraction of the crowd that the house which was build beautifully.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


The heavy lash in the chennai city has brought out a host of problem.This time,residents in chennai and suburbs have been suffering from dengue and dysentry because of waterlogging after continous downpour last week.

The disease which started in suburbs of chennai has now spread to chromepet and tambaram and is still spreading.A 31 year old woman passed away due
to the deadly mosquito-borne disease denque.This was confirmed when a woman was
admitted to hospital which showed the symptoms of denque.

The hospital has informed the local civic authorities to make the dispoal of wastage at proper interval .

Coming to the origin of the disease,this is due to the fact that the muncipality has poor civic facilities ,hence the outbreak of the epidemic.many residents said the municipality had not taken steps to clear the unwanted sewage and stagnating water .necessary measures should be taken to put an end to the spreading of the deadly disease.It's always safe to boil the water before drinking....who is running the city????

Saturday, December 6, 2008


DIRECTION : Oliver Megaton
CAST :Jason Statham,Natalya Rudakova

The Transporter3 is a action packed movie which is loaded with new gadgets.The storyline is,jason statham who is the hero of the film should set free the kinapped Nataya rudakova who needs to be delivered to her father,who is a high-ranking ukaranian govrernment official.The film kick starts its action package when jason was interupted by a car that breaks into his bedroom,while he was watching tv.The job best suit jason.

This film is sure that it is better than the other two parts.jason statham is best suited in this film and showcases his class act.this film assures that it doesn't leave you bored and offers a good classic action cut.

Friday, December 5, 2008


What is it .......This is a stone flower found in china in meilan village.This was found out by an elderly villager,when he going deep in the forest.The chinese believe that they could have been formed due to the heavy rainfall.But the scientist have proved that it's a fossil. The head of the village says "it's a gods gift and we should protect it safely".he says that the site could have been buried under the forest,due the heavy rainfall or land slide,it has appeared.the geologist say that the petals of this flowers are 300 million years old...
It is the center of attraction and people in china come in huge numbers to see it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


The Times of India in association with Aircel has organised a music show,a few daysback which was held at university of madras auditorium ,which saw the presence of music masters ZAKIR HUSSAIN,SHANKAR MAHADEVAN,MANDOLIN SRINIVAS,SHIVAMANI andSELVA GANESH.i was happy that i was present in the concert ,excitement started when i entered.The evening started off with the minute silence in memeory of mumbai tragedy,after then the shankar mahadevan started off with the peppy numbers ,shivamani played with his drums and grabbed the attention of the audience.mandolin srinivas's show was the eyecatching one .Zakir hussain to his part marked his presence by an amazing music in tabla.atlast it was a fusion of hindustani and jazz which was applauded by every one.i enjoyed a lot over there and my melted with music....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


YAMAHA FZ16-one of the stylish bikes launched in india .so when i got the FZ16 at my disposal,i got on top of it, checked my bearings and pressed the electric start.surely, the growl was synonymous to all that muscle on board.And then i shifted from neutral to first gear...... the growl was straining to move but an engine that was raring to let loose .It has an air-cooled, 4-stroke 153 cc engine that churns out almost 14 bhp of sheer bliss.

This one has what we call a diamond shaped chasis with a huge tank nesting 12 l of fuel ,it sure can run some distance before drying up.Its got a ground clearing distance of 160mm and 1335mm wheel base. its provided with an electric starter to ignite the beast.

  1. Power(bhp) -14
  2. Overall length(mm) -1977
  3. Wheel base (mm) -1335
  4. Ground clearance(mm) -160
  5. Price -65000(IND)
  6. Weight -137 Kg


It's way more stylish and pepped up than the competition.But what may lead it to the grave is the low mileage and high price.
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