Monday, March 29, 2010

Music Addiction

Oh gosh it’s been a long time I posted a blog. Hmm we can say this was the thing and this has happened. But it’s all bcos of sheer laziness.

Wow lots of things have changed and it’s been up and downs and cracks in my life.
Now trying to patch up everything

God has shown up and showed the way.
Planning to write everything what has crossed my life this past two years.

But what I am trying to post now.
Seriously nothing. Just that a word blog came across my mind I am going to post this.
And one serious thing is that I got hell a lot of time to listen to music which I lost it for a most number of times. May be months.

My all time Favorite LP… wow I listened each and every song. It’s a mixed bag today @ office.
Just me, myself and my player.

Wow its heavens. Listening to heavy metal, light romantic songs from avril… doesn’t it sound heavens…

In the meanwhile I shuffled so many songs in my mp3 and got ended up in Hindi songs too.
Sonu nigam, such a gifted person. I neva know he sings this well. Wow became fan of him .

I guess I should have started this so early. I am running out of time so I am in a hurry .
So pls don’t mind if there is any grammatical mistake.



Love Is god.
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