Saturday, December 22, 2007

my playing eleven for the first test........

INDIA s possible playing eleven for first test

my prediction is that if tis eleven s selected india has high hopes of wining the first test..

starting from opening slot....

india has a big problem now wit d inclusion of big problems........
but it seems sehwag wil get a chance coz kartik is in poor form........
jaffer s in terrific form so it wil be so hard to drop him,.....
kartik has to sit out for his poor show against pakistan,.........

so the openers wil be viru and jaffy at the top........

next is d one down slot........

no questions dravid fits d bill perfectly.......

one down THE WALL

den one of d most dangerous middle order in d world

sachin the world g8test player in the world........
followed by the inform DADA
den by stylish hyderabadi venkat sai laxman
den the dasher ....indian lion dhoni...........

so no problem in middle order,........... d big factor wil be hindering wil be d exclusion of yuvi,........
but it happens its part and parcel of cricket......

the big factor lies s the selection of bowlers ,,,,,
many wil be speaking bout the batsman but test match lies in bowlers hand
it depends on d bowlers to get tat win.....tat s to take tat twenty wickets.......
since melbourne s a spinning track.......we can expect some spin in 4th nd 5th day

the best possible bowling combination wil be

rp singh
zaheer khan

so the whole team goes like tis.......

Virender sehwag
Wasim jaffer
Rahul dravid
Sachin tendulkar
Sourav ganguly
VVS laxman
Mahendra singh dhoni
Harbhajan singh
Anil kumble
Rp singh
Zaheer khan

my playing eleven for the first test........

Thursday, December 13, 2007

billa ............. the ultimated movie........full story wit videos

billa d name itself terrifying............

d story starts wit a bang ........thala intro........
chancy firing by billa(ajith)
chek out tat....... (sry for poor video quality)

billa s big don in malaysia............. he does all d crime stuffs.......
ajiths style chancelesss........his way of walking and dialogue style well handled by director......

tis s scene of billa killing d polis informer

he comes to knw bout d informer den he kills him,,,,,,,,
he even finds tat he has a memorycard in his shoes...........billa becomes bond
thala rocks

story moves on showing billas sytle of killing and dealing business
he know each and every move of police to kill him.........

lets see d next clip
here lies d turning point in d movie, billa kills shasha's (nayan) brother(rajesh)

den shasha planning to take revenge for her brothers murder.......
so she backs herself to kill billa ,,,,,,,,joins dir community
d main highlight s d intro scene of nayanthara.......its really awesome
chek out tat down

dis s intro scene of nayanthara wh she escapes frm polis

ha ha here comes d main part of film for nayan fans
nayan exposes herself in swimsuit.......she luks really hot
she tries to kill billa.......but her attempts fail :)

nayan in swimsuit

the turning point of d movie lies here............
billa goes for a transaction of money for gun supplies..........dir he gets caught by jai(prabu)
frm dir he escapes in a uniques style......
excellent driving by ajith........but atlast he escapes wit injuries :)
den he gets into jais car .....and speaks wit him......
wh both were talking jai applies brake suddenly
jai has he put seat belt he stays inside d car but billa thrashed out of d car.......:(
dir billa dies.........:(
chek out d full car chase video

car chase

after billa dies......jai searches for lookalike person of billa den he gets SARAVANA VEL....

den vel intro song.........

den jai tries to make vel as billa......lets see hw he s giving training......

jai giving training

den jai planning to plunge billa to his group so he makes a plan to join him........
tat time was sensational scene.......
nayan wil be awesome........vel wil act like injured billa.............
lets see d vide0


den velu perfectly acts like billa..........but the group has to believe tat so jai and billa chalk outs a plan...... he wil come to attack dem at tat time vel wil shot d car like billa ......after dis everyone accepts tat he s billa.......
den only thalais punch dialogue.........ham back
den comes intermission........

velu saying like billa ham back

den life goin on nicely for velu as billa......he njoys nicely........wit namitha
but namitha suspects him.......
dir was a gud scene of fight between nayan and namitha.......
chek out tat

nayanthara namitha fight

as per plans shasha tries to kill billa.....during a project he was alone at tat time she tries to kil her...... at tat time jai comes and rescues billa saying tat he s not billa but he s vel........
lets chek out d scene

d main don of all d network plans for a meet ......vel informs jai bout dis.....
at tat time only billa name s billa.......awesome....

den all d crap happens frm here........
d plan got flopped frm here......
in between tat namitha came to knw bout in a fight he kills her
jai was shot dead by jagdish
den velu was caught by d police
he says tat he s not billa he was made to act as billa by jai.........
den velu escapes wh he was on d way to another jail.......
he den fully tries to escapes frm police .............runs frm everybody.......
before he gave a pen drive wit all d information bout d network........
so jagdish want tat pendrive ......
so he catch hold of nayan and velus love boy .......
asking for pen drive
jagdish reveals his identity........

climax ( full one)

den comes d climax part.....intelligently played by velu.......
jagdish gets caught by police........
he den shot down by themmmmmmmm
dir ends d story.....


action : hollywood range
comedy : santhanam adds flavour
romance : no ladylove for billa so no romance........but namitha adds to glamour.....and nayan a big sexbomb,........
songs : full of awesome songs

totally a perfect flick to watch...........
billa rocks

ajith back wit a bang :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

DO yu love someone........ check out ur love

Just keep looking at the picture for some time

it wil be really awesome......... it s directly from heaven...... so chek out

If u really love someone u will see his/her face in it

hahahaha ham really sry ........itz just for fun........
so love s an illusion.......
njoy life......dont fall in love......and created ur own problems............

Saturday, December 8, 2007

hey tec guys and gals do comment for our coll

MY coll ;) g8test coll in tamilnadu (lolz)
Tagore Educational Trust founded at Chennai in 1997 is a Non-profit Educational organisation constituted by a group of Philanthropists, Educationists and Industrialists under the Chairmanship of Prof. Ms. Mala, M.A., M.Phil., who is an educationalist and experienced administrator. The Trust has the main objective of promoting higher education by establishing self-financing institutions. The trust seeks to play an important role in training the citizens to serve the society. With this lofty objective, the Trust has launched Tagore Engineering College from the academic year 1998 - 1999 with six major courses and three PG courses in Engineering and Technology.

a birds eye view of my coll
of tec

1. college code is 420 (see wat d code means)
2. very well occupied with gud staffs ( dai namma staff pathi namakey theriyada)
3. best in studies ( students having bulk no of distinct university ranks)
4. all professors are ME graduates ( mudiyala BE mudikava romaba nall achu avangaluku)
5. super principal (mr hitler)
6. gud toilet facility (more than 1000 urinals)
7. wel equipped computer labs wit high speed ram ( ram hey silla system la ella)
8. well updated computers (third generation computers)
9. lab facilities awesome all electronics and electrical items available ( other dept guys r crying a lot)
10. gud water facility for students ( water + frog = students gud health)
11. bus transportation s really gud ( all volvo buses)
12. canteen s super (veg items include non veg like cockroach, lizard etc etc)
13. lot of symposium and culturals ( onum kuda we didnt see )
14. super figures ( all aiswariya rai and sushmita sen range)
15. all hods r super (supero super mokka guys)

hey guys and galz pls do comment for our coll..........

Friday, December 7, 2007

itz for gamin freaks..........

hey guys we r playing so many games and we say tat we r d best in d buisness.......but do we now hw our gaming tool dumbstruck ......chek out tis folks.......
Joysticks pull off a really neat trick. They take something entirely physical -- the movement of your hand -- and translate it into something entirely mathematical -- a string of ones and zeros (the language of computers). With a good joystick, the translation is so flawless that you completely forget about it. When you're really engaged in a game, you feel like you're interacting with the virtual world directly.
In this article, we'll find out how several common joystick designs handle this translation. As we'll see, the technology has evolved a great deal from the first game console designs to the sophisticated "force feedback" models available today.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Does adding more RAM to your computer make it faster?

Up to a point, adding RAM (random access memory) will normally cause your computer to feel faster on certain types of operations. RAM is important because of an operating system component called the virtual memory manager (VMM).
Medioimages/Photodisc/Getty ImagesRAM eliminates the need to "swap" programs in and out.When you run a program such as a word processor or an Internet browser, the microprocessor in your computer pulls the executable file off the hard disk and loads it into RAM. In the case of a big program like Microsoft Word or Excel, the EXE consumes many megabytes. The microprocessor also pulls in a number of shared DLLs (dynamic link libraries) -- shared pieces of code used by multiple applications. The DLLs take many more megabytes. Then the microprocessor loads in the data files you want to look at, which might total several megabytes if you are looking at several documents or browsing a page with a lot of graphics. So a big application can easily take 100 megabytes of RAM or more. On my machine, at any given time I might have the following applications running:
A word processor
A spreadsheet
A DOS prompt
An e-mail program
A drawing program
Three or four browser windows
A fax program
A Telnet session
Besides all of those applications, the operating system itself is taking up a good bit of space. Everything together may need more RAM than your machine has. Where does all the extra RAM space come from?
R­AM Image Gallery

Your Browser Does Not Support iFrames­ The extra space is created by the virtual memory manager. The VMM looks at RAM and finds sections of RAM that are not currently needed. It puts these sections of RAM in a place called the swap file on the hard disk. For example, even though I have my e-mail program open, I haven't looked at e-mail in the last 45 minutes. So the VMM moves all of the bytes making up the e-mail program's EXE, DLLs and data out to the hard disk. That is called swapping out the program. The next time I click on the e-mail program, the VMM will swap in all of its bytes from the hard disk, and probably swap something else out in the process. Because the hard disk is slow relative to RAM, the act of swapping things in and out causes a noticeable delay.
If you have a very small amount of RAM (say, 256 megabytes), then the VMM is always swapping things in and out to get anything done. In that case, your computer feels like it is crawling. As you add more RAM, you get to a point where you only notice the swapping when you load a new program or change windows. If you were to put 2 gigabytes of RAM in your computer, the VMM would have plenty of room and you would never see it swapping anything. That is as fast as things get. If you then added more RAM, it would have no effect.
Some applications (things like Photoshop, many compilers, most film editing and animation packages) need tons of RAM to do their job. If you run them on a machine with too little RAM, they swap constantly and run very slowly. You can get a huge speed boost by adding enough RAM to eliminate the swapping. Programs like these may run 10 to 50 times faster once they have enough RAM!

isnt tat a cool stuff to deal wit..........
post ur comments ..........folks

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

is poor fielding costs d match for india.........??????????

is indias poor cathching and ground fielding led to draw.........
kumble told his views bout dis...........

but its part and parcel of cricket..........
wats ur comments

some refreshing snap for indians.....................

he plays only well against india................ poor guy

misba tried to rescue pakistan again but invain .........india smelt d victory after his dismissal

Anil Kumble, expressing disappointment over missed chances in the field as Pakistan managed to salvage a draw in the second Test at Eden Gardens, said India need to work on their catching.

this drop catch of yousuf proved costly........ dinesh karthick s d crime guy this drop changed d whole context of d game

Catches win matches and it is vital that we take these chances when they are offered. We need to do a bit of work in this regard," Kumble said.

The Indian captain also said that the Eden Gardens provided hardly any assistance to the bowlers.

"It was very flat and tough for bowlers. I wish it had a bit more pace and bounce in it. We had to target the rough as nothing was happening from the wicket. But, in the end, we did not have enough time," the leg spinner said.

Kumble also gave credit to the Pakistan batsmen who in both innings showed stiff resistance in pressure situations against the high caliber duo of Kumble and Harbhajan Singh.

"We were in a fantastic position but the Pakistan batsmen applied themselves well. Credit must go to Misbah and Kamran and then Younis and Yousuf who denied us the victory."

slam stuffy

Hi there, i've just thought converting my Slam book, to a slam post. All of u out there are welcome to fill it up.........

Just answer the questions in ur comments!

The Questions go as:::

1.Your Name:-

2.Lovingly Called:-

3.Your BirthDay and Zodiac:-

4.Contact Details:-

5.What is a Friend?:-

6.What is Love?:-

7.Wildest Dreams:-

8.Sweet Recollections:-

9.Any Confession:-

10.Good Things about Me:-

11.Some Bad One (2 be honest):-

12.Few words for Me :-

13.How should I remember you???:-

my lovely school



I finished my schooling in great NSN Mat hr sec school ,where i enjoyed a lot.Thing is that all my friends are alike minded people thatz y enjoyed a lot without any fight and stuffs like that.

I enjoyed a lot and at d same time i worked hard in studies,aiming 2 enter into Anna University by following guidelines of d great Arul sir and Thyagu sir (The 2 geneius).
but unfortunately i didnt succeed in that..

I enjoyed the real college life in my school days itself...
My biology Teacher always used 2 say that "innum konja daysla collegeku poyiduvinga,apparam inda school staff ellarayum marandudivinga".she also add much more flavour 2 that statement which will kindle our emotions and v all will started dreaming about our own dream college(my dream college is CEG,if not Velammal).
In my dreams,i went 2 college by riding a cool 125 cc bike,wearing faded jean(2004 style),sports shoe,spending weakends with the babes....(Tamil film parthu,kettu pona boysla nannum oruthan).

In my school days my mam used 2 scold anyone,who was not talking with girls,who was not taking part in extra curricular activites,sports,etc.she advicied us that "if u felt shy 2 speak with girls then how can u touch the wrist of the girls and read the pulse"(since v were the science group student,she mistakenly thougth that v all will become doctor) .

NSN is the first school to attain the status of HIGHER SECONDARY in chrompet.Now there are around 25 Schools in Chrompet.NSN has Two Branches in chrompet.
SILVER JUBLEE BLOCK(MAIN) [which is going 2 become GOLDEN JUBLEE BLOCK in few years]situated in Nehru Nagar,where Students from PRE KG to std VIII is studying.And rest of the students are studying in ANNEXE BLOCK,Which is situated in Chitlapakkam(3 KM from Chrompet).

They conduct inter college cultural(kalamela),inter college sports meet(NSN memorial),junior scientist(Tech event),intra college sports meet,culturals,etc.
They will always motivate us in all aspects.
I used 2 take part in dance competetion,and ham the captain of my house for the game KHO-KHO.
The highlight thing in my school is that v(students) will perform some cultural activites and conduct games during the TEACHERS DAY for staff and Staff will perform some activities during CHILDREN'S DAY 4 us.

My school never tired 2 produce state rank student in 10th and +2.Continously producing state rank rank students.

U can study,can have fun,can dance,can take part in extra curricular activities,can conduct inter college competetion,can go 2 tour and what more a student can expect.

In my school days,I went 2 Banglore,Mysore,Elagiri as tour.Now a days,they are arranging tour 2 Malasiya,singapore,etc.

NSN is having a superb infrastructure building,well equipped lab facilities,quality staff,cricket ground,indoor audi,indoor shuttle court,3 volley ball court,basket ball court,4 buses,4 mini van.

NSN is in topmost position among other schools in TCP(Tambaram,Chrompet,Pallavaram)
Ham very much proud 2 be the student of NSN school.

Hey guys,if u stay around TCP area,go and get the admission for ur sister/brother/children in NSN without any confusion.
I really miss my School days........
Do u????????


Monday, October 29, 2007

ajith back wit bang

Billa has been finished in Malasia . The flim has been shaped well and expecting release on November 30th. Here Some stills...

We got a Tom Cruise in Kollywood Also.......................
Ajith and nayan looks like Brad Pit And Anjelina Jolie.......
Ajith got Back his youth look...........
thala rockin in dance
Is it Anjelina in tomb rider or nayan in Billa007???

Comment about ajith,nayan and nami in my comment section....

Friday, August 31, 2007

chanceless english by high profiled professors in mokkai coll

hey fellas ham back wit another post but different tis time comical

dis s a famous professor of a reputed(lols) coll,......whose english s praised by everyone....even
his famous quotes
1. how much reduce i reduce
2. ur behaviour is watcheable
3. only one view our dept
4. right now discussing official
5. again & again i tell
6. after 5 years you must realise wat i tell
7. never yu clear
8. yesterday onwards we start
9. i go to correct
10. be prepare every commitee members
10. we r not frnd to talk only based on coll
11. all activities recoredable
12. all of us are suffered
13. this reason this reason never gave up
14. a big crunch not only our coll all others
15. never sleep one month continously
16. this s voice of head not my comments
17. staffs are sad den only iam sharing
18. tis is 3rd unit u cover all
19. tomoro i leave
20. next tuesday mrng everybody submit
21. today lab session next tuesday everybody finish
22. but ur using misuse
23. mam is wept goin to ur class
24. two days...u cancel all ur personal....

hey guys and gals i need comments bout tis ....wil be waitng for sure.....:)

Friday, August 17, 2007

hey tec cse students

hey guys and gals....i need comments from u...
in coll a big discussion s goin on b/w princi and EEE
hey fellas matter became serious...
wat u wil do if they make this a big issue....
rep me wit comments

politics in departement

hey guys wat do yu think bout our department.....
is dir any internal politics goin on b/w d students and staffs...

our department staff itself is not supportive for our class...
wat to do wit his staffs...

d thing we did in saturday was a big punch for them....

dont knw wat to say ..
i wil be posting bout various matters,,,
so my fellas feel d heat.....
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