Friday, August 31, 2007

chanceless english by high profiled professors in mokkai coll

hey fellas ham back wit another post but different tis time comical

dis s a famous professor of a reputed(lols) coll,......whose english s praised by everyone....even
his famous quotes
1. how much reduce i reduce
2. ur behaviour is watcheable
3. only one view our dept
4. right now discussing official
5. again & again i tell
6. after 5 years you must realise wat i tell
7. never yu clear
8. yesterday onwards we start
9. i go to correct
10. be prepare every commitee members
10. we r not frnd to talk only based on coll
11. all activities recoredable
12. all of us are suffered
13. this reason this reason never gave up
14. a big crunch not only our coll all others
15. never sleep one month continously
16. this s voice of head not my comments
17. staffs are sad den only iam sharing
18. tis is 3rd unit u cover all
19. tomoro i leave
20. next tuesday mrng everybody submit
21. today lab session next tuesday everybody finish
22. but ur using misuse
23. mam is wept goin to ur class
24. two days...u cancel all ur personal....

hey guys and gals i need comments bout tis ....wil be waitng for sure.....:)

Friday, August 17, 2007

hey tec cse students

hey guys and gals....i need comments from u...
in coll a big discussion s goin on b/w princi and EEE
hey fellas matter became serious...
wat u wil do if they make this a big issue....
rep me wit comments

politics in departement

hey guys wat do yu think bout our department.....
is dir any internal politics goin on b/w d students and staffs...

our department staff itself is not supportive for our class...
wat to do wit his staffs...

d thing we did in saturday was a big punch for them....

dont knw wat to say ..
i wil be posting bout various matters,,,
so my fellas feel d heat.....
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