Tuesday, December 9, 2008


A few days back it was a reunion of a our family.my uncle built his dream house which he longed for.Before going to his house warming function, my brother told that there is a dog which is 4 foot in height and weight's about 70-90 Kgs.his name was nike(gredan).i thought of a tiger and compared with the dog.i couldn't even imagine his size.i then went to sleep with the thought running in my mind.

Next morning came,the moment i woke up ,the first thing to come in my mind was nike...then i started my proceedings and when i was about to reach his street,where my uncle built his house,i saw a big creature walking on the road.when i got the sight of the dog ,i was amazed but at the same time i was feared to go near it,as i have a phobia of dogs.all my brothers and cousins started touching it and taking pics with that ....then i over come fear and touched the dog, and this was the first time i have touched a dog..the moment i touched, it became my friend and i started playing with.this was supposed to my unforgettable moment in my life.then i returned back to my home and said about this dog to all my friends..

Atlast it was the dog which grabbed the attraction of the crowd that the house which was build beautifully.

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